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So far, 40,503 patients have recovered from the viral infection, as per official figures.

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The couple going through coronavirus redundancy were tight lipped on what they intend to spend the money on. However, they did reveal they already had a list. Going from worrying about how to pay the bills to wondering how to spend so much money is undoubtedly welcome relief though. With this prize, they will likely buy dream house they always wanted along with a new car and a holiday. However, the latter will naturally have to wait until the pandemic is over. They also have a shopping spree planned in time.

With no big winners last week all the mtoday kerala lottery guessing number tips facebookajor international lotteries have rolled over and some huge jackpots are up for grabs. In the UK the Lottery is now worth £9 million and the EuroMillions jackpot is up to €55 million. In America, the Mega Millions is worth a giant $283 million while a jackpot win on the Powerball would land you an amazing $80 million.

Yes, that’s right, $1.586bn which translates roughly to a whopping £1.1Bn was shared among three lucky winners in January 2016 – one in Florida, one in Tennessee and the other in California. Following a rollover, it became the largest lottery jackpot for any American lottery, and was double the previous lottery jackpot grand prize.

Rs 36,100 in cash was recovered, as well as 26 ATM cards, 11 banking passbooks, 11 mobile phones and a motorbike. The accused are now in custody and have been named as Ansar Baksh, Mohseen Dapaali, Afzal Pathan, Irfan Shah and Gautam Singh. The suspects all come from Uttar Pradesh.

After two enormous jackpot wins in as many weeks on the two giant American lotteries, where $1.6 billion was won by one ticket in the Mega Millions lottery, and two winning tickets sharing the $750 million jackpot prize on the Powerball, we have this week’s Powerball jackpot at $53 million, and the Mega Millions at $52 million.