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Magnum 4D Life lottery is one of the four major lotteries in Malaysia. The lottery takes place every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. However, there are also occasional special draws that take place on Tuesday. This lottery is a bit different than other lotteries. This lottery pays its winner every day instead of giving a bumper jackpot prize all at once. It is also reportedly the first legalized lottery system by the government. The Magnum 4D lottery is played by the people residing in Malaysia and Singapore.

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In the 49th game in Ontario, the cold number accounted for 1,000 of the 1,690 draws, accounting for 59%. Why are these numbers rarely displayed when I calculate the bounce count for each category (the number of hits in each group)?

Dubai: According to media reports on Friday, an Indian woman won a prize of up to US$3.2 milcheck powerball ticketlion in the UAE's monthly lottery. She said she wanted to use part of the funds for disadvantaged groups, especially women.

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